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If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else, you may be able to receive compensation for your medical bills and other accident-related costs. This is called Personal Injury Law.

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Florida Personal Injury Lawyer
Unlike many other law firms, we do not dismiss case inquiries just because they involve relatively modest damages. Likewise, we are not afraid to take on extremely complicated or unusual cases. our combined experience, with more than 40 years of practice in Florida personal injury law, has equipped us to competently and strategically handle virtually any kind of personal injury claim.
The value of your case depends on a number of factors that are particular to your specific injury situation. On average, personal injury settlement amounts range from $3,000 to $75,000.
The Florida statute of limitations for automobile, truck, and motorcycle accident cases is four years. However, it is in your best interest to make your claim as soon as possible.
If all parties agree to a settlement, Florida law 627.4265 requires insurance companies to pay the claim within 20 days.
Florida places a limit on emotional distress damages. Generally, you can receive emotional distress damages only when they have arisen as a result of physical harm that you have suffered.
The amount of pain and suffering is usually computed by the “multiplier method.” For example: A plaintiff incurs $3,000 worth of medical bills and their level of pain is about three; the pain and suffering figure is $9,000 ($3,000 x 3 = $9,000).
1. Take photos of your injuries. 2. Visit a doctor. 3. Follow all medical care plans. 4. Attend all follow-up medical appointments. 5. Write a narrative of the accident while it is still fresh in your memory. 6. Make a list of witnesses and contact information. 7. Follow any instructions from your attorney.
Over 40 Years of Practice in Florida Personal injury Law

Many different scenarios might lead to an injury caused by another party’s careless behavior. Victims might suffer harm from a defective product, a slip, and fall at the grocery store, or from a serious traffic accident. Severe injuries can be life-altering events that devastate victims and their families. In addition to the physical pain of injury and recover, the aftermath of an injury often includes emotional and financial stress from missing work while medical bills continue to accumulate.

The personal injury attorneys at Viles & Beckman understand the emotional and financial consequences of sustaining a serious injury and we are here to help you through this challenging time.

If you, your child, or another loved one has suffered an injury as a result of another party’s negligence, contact us at (239) 312-0416 for a free consultation to discuss the merits of your case and determine your eligibility to recover damages.

Entrust Viles & Beckman, LLC to fight for your recovery with every breath in our body.

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We've been fighting for the rights of accident victims since 1995, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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While we are proud to call New Jersey home, we are also more than happy to help injured people living anywhere in the Sunshine State. In fact, we’ve even been known to travel all around the country just to meet our clients’ needs.

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My legal team was very caring about my situation, kept prompt contact about developments in my case and got my case settled quickly. I recommend them to everyone I meet in need of representation.
Google Review | Jaime Hymel
Special thanks to Viles & Beckman,LLC. The firm took great thought and time into recovering funds for my recovering and continued care needed as the result of a car accident. I hope I never need them again but they’ll be my first call.
Google Review | Debbie K.
Tiffany and Amy have been great. They have helped me every step of the way and answered all my questions and concerns within a timely matter. I couldn’t have for better people to help me out.
Google Review | Corey Rucker

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